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Mountain View is situated 40 miles south of San Francisco and 10 miles north of San Jose. The 23rd annual event hosts Fine Arts and Crafts booths, Specialty pre-packaged food booths, live entertainment, kids’ area, food, wine and beer and is the major fundraiser for Mountain View’s Central Business Association. Spaces are 10x10, 10x20, 5x10 or 5x20. Limited overnight security. No electricity. Overnight parking. 240 artist spaces. Specialty food vendors’ health permit fee ($99.00 in 2017 and may increase) and paperwork collected at a later date. Business license If you participate in more than one Mt. View event during the year, you will be required to have a business license by the second event costing approximately $31.00. The license must be completed and submitted to the city prior to your participating in the event. You can find information and the license application’s link on our website, A business license is NOT required for participation in only one event yearly.

Show Date: May 4-5,2019

Show Address: Castro Street

Show City & State: Mountain Veiw Ca

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